BD Respond Replacement

ReadySet Replaces BD Respond with a Market Leading Product

Upgrading your employee health management system doesn't have to mean losing historical data. The ReadySet software platform is designed to quickly and easily transfer historical data from legacy systems. Axion Health's data experts have years of experience successfully migrating the vast array of software platforms and versions

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Replace Respond with Confidence

bd-respond-replacementIn 2011, Respond customers received news that BD was sun setting the Respond product without plans for a replacement. Organizations still using the Response product today are faced with the mounting risk and realities of an unsupported system. Employee Health Managers realize that they are falling behind in terms of system effectiveness and reliability. Administrators recognize that the organization could be one software crash away from losing total functionality and data history.


Axion Health understands the challenges of BD Respond replacement and has helped many organizations remove the risks by upgrading to the ReadySet Employee Well-being solution. 


Axion Health's ReadySet solution provides:

  • A time-tested data migration process proven successful with many BD Respond conversions
  • A world-class implementation team to plan and manage the conversion process
  • Expert training staff to get you up and running quickly with confidence
  • The industry's innovation and customer service leader

bd-respond-replacementReadySet's online solution offers many enhanced capabilities, including:

  • An employee portal to provide secure employee data entry and retrieval from any internet capable computer or mobile device
  • A unique 100% paperless experience with online employee surveys & clinical charting
  • 1-click, automated NHSN and OSHA report creation
  • Supervisor and Recruiter portals to help remove communication barriers, facilitate management activities and reduce clinician workload
  • A true online SaaS platform that minimizes required hardware cost and IT support

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