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The ReadySet® platform contains a variety of specialized vaccine information content, including employee/patient surveys, clinician data collection forms, and clinical decision support tools. As a benefit to customers, Axion Health compiles and includes vaccine information to support best clinical practices according to reliable, professional resources, such as:

  • Government regulations ( such as OSHA)
  • Guidance document s (CDC, FDA, pharmaceutical manufacturers)
  • Safety data sheets (SDS, formerly MSDS)
  • Professional organizations
  • Academic institutions and peer-reviewed research literature

In response to commonly asked customer employee health vaccine questions, this paper provides additional background information about the resources that we use to create the vaccine information content found in the ReadySet® product. This white paper focuses on health surveys and charting forms that are used in vaccination programs, and that draw from resources, such as vaccine package insert contraindications, warnings and precautions.


Download white paper:


"Vaccine Questions in Axion Health Surveys and Charting Forms" by Lee Newman, MD, MA, FCCP, FACOEM, Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) Axion Health, Inc. and Professor, Colorado School of Public Health and School of Medicine University of Colorado Denver



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