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ReadySet's electronic medical record (EMR) provides an intuitive data entry and repository tool for reliable clinic operations and full-time HIPAA compliance.


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Standard Employee and Patient Charting Forms

patient chartingThe ReadySet clinical system includes standard employee and patient charting forms to generate electronic medical records. This feature helps clinicians and providers to quickly and accurately document all necessary information during visits.


patient chartingStandardized electronic patient charting ensures consistency, efficiency, continuity of care, and data integrity, which, in turn, provides reliable, real-time reports and ease-of-data retrieval:

  • 24/7 any time, anywhere access with Internet connection through clinician portal
  • Split page presentation for quick record search and review
  • Clinical decision support feature to help maintain consistency of care



We are pushing the 3,000 mark with flu shots given and having the majority of the information pre-populated makes the charting very quick!  Five of us did 320 shots in 2 hours last week.


Cathy Colley, Christus Health













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