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Employee Self Service Solution

The Axion Health "MyHealth" portal provides employees with an integrated way to access their health records, check appointments, and complete surveys. The "MyHealth" portal significantly improves employee engagement in the occupational health setting.


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Engagement through Employee Access to Health Records

employee-engagementHealth-care benefits are requiring individuals to absorb an increasing share of expanding health-care costs. At the same time, the effect of poor health and unhealthy lifestyles is a major organizational concern due to direct costs of medical care and the indirect costs linked to absenteeism and productivity.


According to a study conducted by, 73% of their responding organizations have a strategy to encourage employee engagement in improving and monitoring their health.1 The three most promising new technologies for engaging employees include using mobile phones, gamification, and social media. However, the perceived barrier to implementing any of these is return on investment for the organization.


Axion Health's ReadySet health and wellness software — which is truly web based — is already accessible using mobile phones that have access over the Internet. And employees, who have easy secure 24/7 access to their unique health records, are much more likely to be engaged in monitoring their health.


Through the employee self service portal, employees are able to:

  • View and print medical exam and test results from their electronic medical records
  • Complete and print health forms, such as health assessments, health history, waivers, and declinations
  • View and print results letters, certifications, and appointment information
  • Complete an injury notification
  • Complete surveys online prior to the actual healthcare-related appointment


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