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The ReadySet  Illness, Injury or Exposure tracking solution offers a comprehensive set of management tools to optimize tracking and reporting of worker incidents in the workplace.


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Workplace Incident Reporting

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Initial employee incident reporting is crucial for proper care, disposition and OSHA reporting.


Companies are also required by law to maintain employee exposure information for 30-years. An employee electronic health record (EHR) system provides the data automation needed to help ensure efficiency and regulation compliance.

The ReadySet employee health solutions are clinically-focused, easy to use, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based and paperless. Our software focuses on effective, optimized employee and occupational health management. This, in turn, helps reduce human capital risk so organizations can reach their strategic goals. It allows managers and executives to keep employees compliant, safe and engaged for maximized productivity.


The following examples are just part of the comprehensive set of employee health management tools for maintaining safety in the workplace:

Workers' Comp Case Management — ReadySet case management provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing injured workers to maximum medical improvement (MMI). The system tracks case numbers, injury details, tasks, appointments, physician notes, costs, referrals, restricted time, time off, and recurring time away. The case manager documents all interactions, appointments, calls, notes, and other actions.


Return to Work — Returning an injured employee back to work quickly and effectively benefits both the worker and the organization. ReadySet's return-to-work tools help you manage the process and vital communications. Forms and automated letters enable an organization to track an employee's return-to-work clearance status.


Illness, Injury and Exposure — Quickly identifying and managing employee illness, injury, and exposures are important to helping both the worker and organization return to maximum effectiveness. The ReadySet software tracks a broad range of worker illness, injury, and exposure events, and includes an integrated suite of participant surveys, clinical charting forms, and report-of-injury forms.


OSHA Reporting — The ReadySet report generator includes templates for compliance reporting to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN). It also helps you participate in voluntary surveillance systems.


Employee Incident Report — Timely reporting is essential to managing employee health and safety incidents. ReadySet provides an online web- based incident reporting tool available 24/7 to your employees, giving you the precise data you need for efficient employee incident followup and organizational communication. The ReadySet Incident Manager feature provides management and communication tools needed to manage an incident involving one or more employees.













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